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Experts in Foaling

During the season our foaling unit operates 24-hours a day, our onsite vet and our  specialized and experienced foaling staff are on hand at all times.  Colostrum bank and nursery paddocks ensure that your foal is nurtured attentively during its early days.

Foals are handled from day one and will be routinely vaccinated and microchipped (in preparation for registration). Necessary veterinary checks and remedial farrier work will also be performed in consultation with you accordingly.

We offer the option to leave your foal with us up until weaning and there after depending on availability.


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Mare foaling & Post Foaling Livery

Foaling services 

  • 24/7 for the week each side of foaling

  • Foaling alarm fitted 

  • Monitored CCTV 

  • Onsite Vet

  •  Foal usual initial treatments -  Anti Tetanus & Enema

  •  Initial handling

  •  Guaranteed colostrum (we will have some in stock if misses mares)  

  •  IGG testing (optional)

  •  Initial handling.

Mare pre & post foaling livery 

  • Pre foaling Grass (when avialble) €65.00 per week 

  • Mare & foal stable and daily grass turnout livery up to 6 months €125 per week (including handing €160 per week)  

  • Mare pre foaling stable livery €95.00 per week  

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